The Pure Water School of Dance was founded by Beverly in June of 2013. The goal and mission of the School is to train dancers of all ages in foundational technique in Ballet, Modern, Dance and Tap while experiencing the Joy of Motion!  We have enjoyed laying foundation for strong a school that is committed to excellence in arts education! 
Beverly began dancing at the age of 5 studying at the Washington Ballet School, the Children's Theater School in Minneapolis as well as the Minnesota Dance Theatre. She was  dance major at SUNY Purchase and found her calling in Liturgical Dance, teaching workshops around the world from London to Korea and Africa.

The School has officially closed in Baltimore, as we have recently moved to Minnesota. There are plans to eventually open a school in the future in the Twin Cities. Thanks to all who supported us over the last few years! Enjoyed sharing in the joy of the dance!

Please contact me for choreography or Dance Ministry Workshops:
* The Biblical Foundations for Worship and Dance Ministry
* How to Start A Dance Ministry
* Dance Technique and Training for Liturgical Dancers

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